"May the Night Mother hold you in her cold embrace."

Arquen is an Altmer assassin and Speaker of the Black Hand. During her membership in the Black Hand, a traitor had begun to randomly kill fellow members of the Dark Brotherhood.

Background[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to kill the traitor, she and the Black Hand ordered for the Purification to be performed on the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. Believing that Lucien Lachance was the traitor, they traveled to Applewatch Farm where they killed and mutilated Lachance beyond recognition. Later, she traveled to the Night Mother's Tomb with her fellow Black Hand members to elect a new Listener. During the ceremony, Mathieu Bellamont pulled out a dagger and murdered Banus Alor and Belisarius Arius.

She and the Hero then proceeded to cut down Bellamont where he stood for his grievous insult to the Dark Brotherhood. She then took over management of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and began recruiting new members.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Following a Lead[edit | edit source]

The Hero must now travel to the city of Anvil. Once there, they should wait near the barrel behind the statue in the pond, and see who comes to set up this fake dead drop. They must then confront this person and find out why they've been tampering with the contracts.

Honor Thy Mother[edit | edit source]

After Lucien Lachance's death by the Black Hand, Arquen suggests that the Hero and the remaining members meet with the Night Mother to discuss the next steps for the Dark Brotherhood. The Hero must speak with Arquen between 12 am and 3 am in Applewatch.

Whispers of Death[edit | edit source]

As the new Listener for the Black Hand, the Hero hears the commands of the Night Mother and passes them onto Arquen.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Following a Lead
At Applewatch:

"Silencer! At last you've arrived! Fear not, for the crisis that has threatened the Dark Brotherhood has finally come to an end. I am Arquen, Speaker for the Black Hand. As you can see, we have dealt with the betrayer, Lucien Lachance! No longer will you serve as his puppet! It seems Lachance wanted revenge against the Dark Brotherhood for some reason, and used you to do his dirty work. But now, we can begin anew! I bestow upon you the title of Speaker. You will take Lucien Lachance's place on the Black Hand! Welcome! As you know, the Black Hand is now in a state of disarray. Lachance ordered you to kill us off! We five, including you, are now all that remain. Even worse, you killed the Listener! The Black Hand without a Listener is like a hand with no thumb. Even the Listener's successor is dead! So, we have no choice but to invoke an ancient ritual. We must wake the Night Mother from her slumber, and seek her guidance! Between the hours of midnight and 3:00 AM, ask me about the Night Mother, and we will away to our Lady's home. Only then will the ritual begin."

Lucien Lachance "When we confronted Lachance he tried to defend himself, tried to declare his innocence! But we would not hear his treacherous lies! As you can see, he was no match for the combined power of the Black Hand, even weakened as we are."
Night Mother "You must understand our need for darkness and secrecy? Speak to me only between the hours of midnight and 3:00 AM, and we will be off."
Night Mother "The Night Mother must be awakened, so that we may seek her guidance. Are you ready to travel now to her resting place?"
No. I'm not ready yet. "All right, but don't tarry too long. Until we receive the Night Mother's guidance, the Dark Brotherhood will remain in disarray."
Yes. Let's go. "Very good! And so it begins, the Black Hand's journey into a darkness few can imagine. Let us be off! The Night Mother awaits!"
Rumors "This is no time for gossip mongering. A dark destiny awaits us."

"May the Night Mother hold you in her cold embrace."

If approached again:

"Dear Speaker, when darkness shrouds the Empire, we can travel to the resting place of the Night Mother, and begin the ritual of awakening."

Show: Honor Thy Mother
In Bravil:

"Behold, the Night Mother! The locals call this statue the Lucky Old Lady. They have no idea how lucky they really are. For this stone effigy masks the entrance into the Dark Brotherhood's most revered unholy site -- the crypt of the Night Mother herself! In a moment, we will begin. I will recite an incantation, and we can proceed down into the crypt and seek an audience with the Night Mother. I know this is all very overwhelming, dear child. Just follow along, and you'll be fine. Now, let's go see what the future holds, shall we?"

After killing Mathieu:

"Now is not the time for us to speak! We must hear the words of the Night Mother! She will guide us in this hour of despair!"

After talking to the Night Mother:

"The Night Mother wishes you to take some time to consider your new position. We will speak when we are back in the sanctuary."

After returning to the Sanctuary:

"Honored Listener! I offer myself as your humble servant and guide. Please, allow me to mentor you in your new role. Here is what I believe we should do next. I will stay here and attempt to reestablish this Sanctuary. I will begin recruiting new members. You must fulfill your new duties. The statue in Bravil serves as a conduit between the Night Mother and the Listener. Once a week, you must visit the statue. Talk to it. You will be presented with a list of names and locations. These are people who have prayed to the Night Mother! They request a visit from a Speaker, to arrange someone's assassination. All you need to do is visit the statue once a week, get the list of names and locations, and pass it on to me here in the Sanctuary. Do this, and I will give you your share of the Sanctuary's weekly earnings. There is so much work to be done. So much work..."

Show: Whispers of Death
At the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary:

"Greetings, most honorable Listener. The time has come for you to hear the whispers of death. Go to Bravil, and listen to the Night Mother."

After returning from Bravil:

"So, the Night Mother has spoken! I will make sure this information reaches the appropriate family members. Ah yes, here are your weekly earnings. I will see you next week, most honorable Listener."

Sithis "Sithis has blessed us with you, dear Listener. He is our Dread Father, and his wisdom and terrible fury know no bounds."

"Under your leadership, the Black Hand will reign eternal!"

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Show: Honor Thy Mother
In Bravil:

Arquen: "Unholy Matron, we of the Black Hand beseech you! Reveal yourself now, most magnificent Night Mother, so that we may seek your guidance!"

After entering the crypt:

Night Mother: "What is the meaning of this desecration? Who has disturbed my ancient slumber?"
Arquen: "Dearest Night Mother! Most Unholy Maiden! Please, we beg your mercy in this, our time of need! The Black Hand seeks your guidance!"
Night Mother: "Ah, yes, I have been expecting you. The Listener now kneels by Sithis, as does his successor. There is a traitor amongst you."
Arquen: "The traitor is dead, dear Mother. We have come now to ask your blessing. Anoint one of us your Listener, so we can restore the Black Hand!"
Night Mother: "Foolish little girl. Lucien Lachance served Sithis til his dying breath. The Black Hand remains tainted by betrayal. Restoration is impossible."
Mathieu Bellamont: "Enough! Enough of this! You will all suffer for the pain you have caused me! I will destroy your Night Mother, and the Dark Brotherhood will fall!"
Arquen: "What treachery? The traitor still lives! It is Mathieu Bellamont! Do not let him harm the Night Mother! Kill him!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being the target of Dead Drop Orders #8, it is impossible to carry out the false orders, as she does not appear in the game at that time.
  • Arquen stands in the Cheydinhal Santuary, with her torch all day long, without sleeping or eating. The Hero may spar with Arquen to increase their skills, if they wish to do so, but she will fight back.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Speaker of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary
Lucien Lachance 3E 433 - 4E ??? Incumbent
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