Arrille's Tradehouse is a location in Seyda Neen on the island of Vvardenfell. The tradehouse is owned and run by Arrille. It is the only shop in town and is located by the bridge in the center of town. Upon entering, Arrille the merchant can be found behind the counter. In addition to Arrille's shop, there are two trainers located here, one of whom is a Blades trainer that Caius Cosades can recommend to the Nerevarine. The tradehouse is divided into two unconnected sections.

The main area is publicly accessible and contains all of the NPCs found in the building, the main area has a downstairs area where Arrille can be found. Upstairs, a bar counter can be seen along with some NPC's. Elone and Raflod the Braggart can offer training to the Nerevarine (though Elone is a Blade trainer only). In addition, there is a storage room, which is accessible only from the outside via a locked door for which there is no key (it requires 70 security to unlock). Most of Arrille's wares are stored here, and they're completely unguarded, if the Nerevarine can break in undetected.

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