Arthosiis is a Dragon Priest found in the Exile's Barrow.


Arthosiis was originally from Skyrim, though he, the dragon he served, and their followers, were banished from the province for unknown reasons. He later led an expedition, and with the dragon's help, carved Exile's Barrow from a mountain in Wrothgar. After the dragon's death, he and his followers sealed themselves in the tomb, and Arthosiis committed suicide. They were later awoken by Narsis Dren in 2E 582, and Arthosiis was reborn as an undead dragon priest.


Draugr DilemmaEdit

After solving the puzzle and entering the main burial chamber, Arthosiis will rise from a sarcophagus at the end of the room. After attacking or being detected by him, he will initiate combat with you. Once he is defeated, you and Narsis Dren can enter the treasure vault.


As a dragon priest, Arthosiis is considerably powerful, and is the only boss found in Exile's Barrow, making him the most powerful enemy in the tomb. He uses a combination of shock and frost attacks. At long range, Arthosiis will use lightning, and can teleport to you using a lightning spell that covers a large circumference. With frost, he will cast another circular spell, which will stay on the floor for around 10 seconds, and deal a significant amount of damage.



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