"Aryarie. Your friendly Guild Alchemist. Satisfaction gauranteed. No free samples."

Aryarie is an Altmer member of the Bravil Mages Guild.


More Unfinished BusinessEdit

Collect 10 Imp Galls for Aryarie.


"Aryarie. Your friendly Guild Alchemist. Satisfaction gauranteed. No free samples."

Bravil "Bravil? Good points? Cheap to live. Unpretentious. Free-wheeling. Bad points? Culturally, a hole. Count's a clown and his son's a skooma-sucker."
More Unfinished Business

"It's about time someone from the Fighters Guild showed up. I've got work for you to do. I need imp gall for my research."

Imp Gall "I need imp gall for my studies. Ten portions of it, in fact. Since I hired the Fighter's Guild, I expect you to get it done. And carefully, please. You might check Robber's Glen Cave for the imp gall. That place has been known to contain the imps."
Imp Gall "Doesn't look like you have it yet. Let me know when you do.
Blackwood Company "I just don't trust them. I know they're efficient -- a bit too efficient for my liking. Some endeavors demand time and care."

"I'll be waiting right here."

After collecting the Imp Gall:

"No more delays, please." "Well, have you found that imp gall for me yet? I've got some research I need to get to."

Imp Gall "Ah... you've got it. Looks fresh, too! I realize that you'll be paid by your superior, but take this as well. It might come in handy in your work."

"Next time, on time, please."

Joining the Mages Guild

"Well met."

Mages Guild "I'm just here doing research. If you need spells, talk to Ita or Delphine. They'll be happy to help."
Bravil Recommendation

"I hope I can help."

Ardaline "The girl hasn't seemed herself lately. I have no idea what's wrong, but something's really bothering her."


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