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"The ascended sleepers are distorted, half-human, half-beast creatures transformed by a mysterious force into powerful magical beings. Ascended sleepers are highly intelligent, aggressive, and dangerous. Ascended sleepers are associated in some way with the Devil Dagoth Ur."
Vala Catraso[src]

The Ascended Sleeper is a type of creature found in Morrowind. They appear as hunched, purple-robed humanoids with mottled blue skin. Their most obvious feature is their grotesque four-eyed faces, which have long, thin tentacles in the place of a "mouth."

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"What are you doing? You have no idea. Poor animal. You struggle and fight, and understand nothing."

understand nothing "You think what you do has meaning? You think you slay me, and I am dead? It is just a dream and waking, over and over, one appearance after another, nothing real. What you do here means nothing. Why do we waste our breath on you?"

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