Ash Shell is an Adept-level Alteration spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn that functions in a manner similar to Paralyze.


The spell causes targets to be encased in a shell of ash for thirty seconds. The target cannot be harmed while encased in ash.

Ash creatures such as Ash Spawn and Ash Guardians are immune to the spell, as well as dragons and Dwarven automatons.



There are very few creatures that resist Ash Shell. Like Paralyze, the spell can be useful in large battles, when wishing to eliminate one enemy before another, such as a bandit attacking the player while in battle with a dragon.

However, Ash Shell is much less useful against single opponents because of its invulnerability effect on its targets. While an enemy hit with the spell can no longer fight, they cannot be damaged, either.

This spell can be very useful to save someone from dying, such as a follower near death, or townsfolk during a dragon attack.


  • Oddly, this spell will not anger guards upon whom it is cast, incurring neither a bounty nor hostility, though this effect is not extended to other NPCs. Redoran guards however, will consider this a hostile act in Raven Rock.


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