"Ash Spawn began to appear on Solstheim after the massive eruptions of Red Mountain early in the Fourth Era covered the southern part of the island in ash. Their exact origins are unknown."
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Ash Spawn are creatures that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.





Ash spawnEdit

The standard, lowest-level of ash spawn. They can be seen wielding one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, and wielding destruction magic.

Ash spawn immolatorEdit

Ash spawn immolators seem to be merely more powerful versions of ash spawn. They have nearly two to three times as much health as normal ash spawn, and fight in similar manners. 

Ash spawn skirmisherEdit

The ash spawn skirmishers use both magic and melee attacks. They usually keep their distance to cast fire destruction spells from a range. They use Firebolt and Fireball to attack.


  • Despite being made of ash and never utilizing any armor whatsoever, ash spawn are far more resilient than one would assume and prove to be quite a challenge even for properly equipped high-level characters. Also, despite appearing to be based on the element of fire, they do not seem to be vulnerable to frost.
  • When ash spawn are killed, their weapons disintegrate or become unable to be picked off of the ground.
  • They usually drop a variety of metal ores—including the typically rarer ones such as ebony ore, gold ore, or quicksilver ore—but they always drop some spawn ash, an alchemical ingredient.
  • The Dragonborn can acquire the Conjure Ash Spawn spell by helping Neloth with his research and purchasing the spell from Talvas Fathryon afterwards.
  • According to Elder Othreloth, ash spawn are the re-animated cremated remains of deceased Dunmer. The Dunmer cremate their dead and inter or scatter the ashes, and it is further proven by them being encountered in the Raven Rock Ancestral Tomb, rising from the ashes of the deceased.
  • Ash spawn can not be expelled, turned, scared or repelled, nor is it affected by any healing or necromantic healing spells.
  • The second volume of Ildari Sarothril's journal—a former apprentice of Neloth with a heart stone replacing her actual heart—describes how she heard "the bones in the ash calling to [her]" through the connection that her heart stone gave. Through it, she found she could "bind the spirits to bone and ash and raise a servant to do [her] bidding."
  • Ash spawn have their own form of Firebolt, which has less flames and throws off a small shower of sparks and smoke on contact.
  • The Conjure Ash Spawn spell is unaffected by the Twin Souls perk.
  • Ash spawn animations are similar to animations used by draugr


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