For the item, see Ash Statue.

Ash Statues is a House Redoran quest given to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Having cleared the name of Varvur Sarethi by handing Lloros Sarano the suspicious ash statue, the Nerevarine will be asked, by Sarano, to investigate the statue. He suggests speaking to Varvur about how he obtained the ash statue.

Sarethi's Unfortunate RelicEdit

Varvur will inform the Nerevarine that the statue was given to him by a man named Galtis Guvron. Guvron can be found in The Rat in the Pot in Ald'ruhn, and will deny all knowledge of the statue (if spoken to before speaking with Sarethi). He will then proceed to attack the Nerevarine. Once he has been killed, the Nerevarine must read the note on his body, which will reveal that an individual named Hanarai could be the true source of the statues.

Dangerous DealerEdit

The Nerevarine must take this new information to Sarano, whom will then suggest that the true origin of the statues could be Hanarai Assutlanipal. The Nerevarine must therefore deal with Hanarai, and is given, by Sarano, four Quality Restore Health potions, one Cure Blight Disease potion and a single Cure Common Disease potion to aid them in their task.

Hanarai AssutlanipalEdit

Hanarai Assutlanipal can be found in her house in Ald'ruhn. Like Guvron, she will attack the Nerevarine the moment they mention the statue. Once Hanarai is dead, the Nerevarine may search her house for Sixth House influences. Behind a locked door in the lower portion of the house is a Sixth House Shrine, which also contains an ash statue and other cult relics.

Now that the two distributors of the ash statues in Ald'ruhn have been removed, the Nerevarine must return to Sarano to complete the quest.


Ash Statues – HR_SixthHouseBase
IDJournal Entry
10Lloros Sarano asked me to find out where Varvur Sarethi got the ash statue.
  • Quest accepted
20Varvur Sarethi remembered where he got the ash statue. He says he got the statue by gambling at The Rat in the Pot with Galtis Guvron.
30I was told that someone over at The Rat in the Pot had some statues like the ash statue Varvur Sarethi had.
50Galtis Guvron attacked me when I asked about the ash statues.
60Lloros Sarano told me to investigate Hanarai Assutlanipal's House here in Ald'ruhn.
80Hanarai Assutlanipal attacked me when I asked about the ash statues.
100Lloros Sarano thanked me for stopping the spread of the ash statues.
  • Quest completed


  • The Nerevarine may gain an additional point to their global reputation by speaking with Dravasa Andrethi's (a sleeper).
  • Killing Hanarai Assutlanipal during this quest contributes to the progression of another quest: "Sleepers Awake."
  • This quest can be started before Sarethi's name has been cleared.
  • A key to open the door in Hanarai Assutlanipal's cellar can be found in the alcove near to her bed.

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