Ashalmawia, Sunken Vaults is a sublocation of the Ashalmawia Daedric Ruins. It is located in the West Gash region of Morrowind just slightly to the east of Ald Velothi.


The Shrine section of this ruin must be entered in order to enter the Sunken Vaults through the level 40 weakness glyph trapped door just east of the statue of Molag Bal. The lock and trap may be bypassed by using the Ancient Daedric Key found in the western room of Ashalmawia Shrine.


Kill GordolEdit

Gordol, a Daedra worshiper, has committed crimes against Ald Velothi and must be punished for these crimes. The Nerevarine is tasked with removing him from the nearby Daedric ruin of Ashalmawia.

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