Ashibaal is a Dunmer Ashlander Champion who resides in his yurt in Zainab Camp. He is a member of the Zainab Tribe.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Ashlander Ebony[edit | edit source]

Convince the Zainab tribe to only trade Ebony to House Hlaalu.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Ashlander Ebony

"Welcome, Nerevarine (Player name), Zainab Nerevarine. We have heard our chief does you great honor. How can I help you?"

ebony trade "Why are you speaking to me about ebony?"
The Zainab are now strong enough to sell ebony. "Yes, that is true. The Zainab are very strong and we have ebony to sell. Why do you want our ebony when you have ebony of your own?"
I want you to sell ebony to House Hlaalu. "Why does House Hlaalu want our ebony? House Hlaalu already has ebony."
If we both sell ebony the price drops. "Yes, I hear the truth of your words. When two strong warriors stand side by side, no one dares challenge them. I will trade ebony with House Hlaalu."
We do not have enough ebony. "We Zainab have ebony and are strong. You do not have ebony of your own, and you are too weak to speak with me."
ebony trade "No, you have convinced me. We will trade ebony only with our partner, House Hlaalu. We will stand side by side like two strong warriors and the Empire will trade the way we tell them."
I was told to come here. "Then I will tell you to leave here."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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