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Ashimanu Mine is a House Redoran quest the Nerevarine can undertake during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Theldyn Virith told me that there is some creature loose in the Ashimanu Mine.



Theldyn Virith, the Ald Velothi quest giver for House Redoran members, reveals to the Nerevarine that an important source of Kwama Eggs at the Ashimanu Egg Mine are under threat. According the Theldyn, a diseased shalk has infected the Kwama workers within the Mine and the Nerevarine is tasked with removing the diseased creature.

Ashimanu MineEdit

The Ashimanu Mine can be found on the road between Gnisis and Ald'ruhn. The Mine is guarded, as is most common for the Egg Mines in Vvardenfell, by a non-hostile Kwama Worker outside the door. Inside the Mine the Kwama workers have already been infected, although they will ignore the Nerevarine.

The diseased shalk can be found in the Queen's Lair section of the Egg Mine. The shalk is no weaker or stronger than a normal shalk so should be relatively simple to kill. Having killed the diseased shalk, the Nerevarine must return to Theldyn Virith in order to finish the quest.


Ashimanu Mine – HR_AshimanuMine
IDJournal Entry
10Theldyn Virith told me that there is some creature loose in the Ashimanu Mine.
  • Quest accepted
100Theldyn Virith thanked me for killing the diseased shalk in the Ashimanu Mine.
  • Quest completed


  • There is a Kagouti in the road near to the Mine.
    • This Kagouti is the subject of Virith's next task for the Nerevarine.
    • If killed then that quest (Kagouti Den) will be completed.
  • The shalk is the only one in the mine.

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