Ashirbadon is a cave in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is near the ruins of Bal Fell, on the island directly to the east. The entrance is a north facing door built into the hillside.


Then entry tunnel, guarded by an Frost Atronach, heads south, turns right towards the west, then turns right again back to the north. The tunnel opens to a precipitous drop into a high cavern with a pool of water below. Directly across the open cavern is small cave with a Dremora guarding an Ancient Chest. Inside the chest is an Old Key. Facing back to the south, another tunnel opening is visible in the eastern wall, which is only accessible via levitation.

Entering the eastern tunnel reveals a worn cavern door. Passing through the door the tunnel curves away to the northeast and a Frost Atronach patrols here. The tunnel curves back to the south and is blocked by a worn cavern door (trapped and lock level: 35), which the Old Key will open.

The final area is a large cavern occupied by Vindamea Drethan and a Storm Atronach guard. A large pool of water fills most of the chamber. From the entry, wooden steps lead down to the left, to the floor which slopes down the water. Clusters of glowing, translucent, purple crystal grow here surrounded by mushrooms and lichen. A natural stone walkway crosses the water to a wooden platform built over the water in the southwest half of the cavern. Upon the platform are various urns, chests, and furniture.




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