Ashmelech is a cave located in the Sheogorad region that the vampires of the Aundae Clan use as a hideout.


Blood TiesEdit

Find out what happened to Dhaunayne Aundae's son.

The Vampire HunterEdit

Kill the vampire in Ald'ruhn for Dhaunayne Aundae.

Notable itemsEdit

  • [?]


Character Name Gender Race Class Ranking
Dhaunayne Aundae Female Altmer Nightblade Ancient
Gladroon Male Altmer Smith Stalker
Iminda Male Redguard Pilgrim None
Iroroon Male Altmer Nightblade Servant
Jeanciele Macile Male Breton Witchhunter None
Lorurmend Female Altmer Witch Stalker
Mirkrand Female Altmer Sorcerer Stalker
Moranarg Male Altmer Sorcerer Stalker
Mororurg Male Altmer Alchemist Service Stalker
Odmi Male Nord Witchhunter None
Tarerane Female Altmer Nightblade Stalker
Ticemius Conciatius Male Imperial Witchhunter None
Toranu Rothalnim Female Dunmer Sorcerer None
Tragrim Male Altmer Sorcerer Bloodkin