Ashmelech is an underground complex of Velothi design located in the Sheogorad region. It is the only structure on a large island northeast of Valenvaryon and some distance west of Rotheran. The vampires of Clan Aundae use the complex as a base. Besides the notable items listed below, there are a large number of normal weapons and repair tools in Gladroon's room and a large number of alchemical ingredients in Mororurg's room.


Blood TiesEdit

Find out what happened to Dhaunayne Aundae's son.

The Vampire HunterEdit

Kill the vampire in Ald'ruhn for Dhaunayne Aundae.

Notable itemsEdit

Gladroon's Room
Mororurg's Room
Other notable items



  • The gate leading to the cattle pen below Dhaunayne has the Object ID of "Census and Excise Gate" suggesting that the game asset was borrowed from Seyda Neen.


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