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"Some line about this claw thing and Yngol Barrow. He said it was worth more than its weight in gold if I took it back there. Something about placing it back in Yngol's chamber, I don't know. What was I thinking? Even if it were true, I'm not setting foot in some ancient tomb, filled with who knows what."

Ashore in a Sea of Ghosts is an unmarked quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must explore Yngol Barrow using the Coral Dragon Claw purchased cheaply from Birna in Winterhold. This quest is unmarked and will not appear as a quest or miscellaneous objectives in the journal.


  1. Explore Yngol's Barrow
  2. Escape Yngol's Barrow


Birna in Winterhold tells the Dragonborn about Yngol Barrow and a bad deal she made. She wants to get rid of the Coral Dragon Claw that she offers for sale for 50 Gold. As the Dragonborn explores the barrow, non-hostile glowing blue balls of light emerge one by one and start following them. However, no enemies appear until the end of the dungeon.

In the last room, a powerful, leveled draugr is encountered. If no radiant quest is active for this location, this draugr will be Yngol's Shade. Upon defeating him, the Helm of Yngol, an ancient Nord helmet, is earned. Removing the helm from his corpse will open the last gate.

However, if there are any radiant quests active, such as to retrieve the Helm of Winterhold for the Jarl of Winterhold, Yngol will be replaced by a Draugr Deathlord or Dragon Priest. In this case, the Helm of Yngol will be present in the throne at the skull of a skeleton which upon getting it, it would open the gate.


Ashore in a Sea of Ghosts – dunYngolBarrowQST
ID Journal Entry
  • Objective 0: Explore Yngol's Barrow
  • Objective 50: Escape Yngol's Barrow
  • Quest completed


  • Instead of buying the claw from Birna, it can be collected from a pedestal after solving the pillar puzzle. This allows the quest to be completed even if the player kills Birna before buying the claw.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   PS4   XB1   NX   PS5   XS   When entering Yngol Barrow, the cave may be completely dark.
    •  PC (Fix)   360 (Fix)   PS3 (Fix)   PS4 (Fix)   XB1 (Fix)   NX (Fix)   Saving and reloading inside Yngol Barrow will fix this bug.