Ashpit is the plane of Oblivion that is ruled by the Daedric Prince Malacath. The Ashpit consists of nothing but dust, ash and smoke; there is no ground, sky, or air. Of the realms accessible to mortals, it is considered one of the hardest to reach, and on it levitation and magical breathing are an absolute necessity.


While not one of the original planes of Oblivion, it was created when Malacath was created during the Mythic Era. It was designed according to Malacath's spheres—emptiness, betrayal, broken promises, and anguish - and his personality. Such is the opinion of mainstream scholars. However, the orcs and those loyal to The Code of Malacath believe they are rewarded in this realm with immortality, drink, food, and constant battle, all with their father Malacath.

As described in The Doors of Oblivion, one can see from one end of the world to the other in a million shades of grey. There are Palaces of Smoke, and certain vaporous creatures reside in the realm.[1]


  • The realm is inhabited by levitating deranged creatures of unknown nature. In Orcish culture, it is believed the followers of Malacath descend there after their deaths.
  • According to Sheogorath, the 'backbone' of Malacath's Realm (that is, the thing that keeps a great land together, such as the people of a kingdom) is an actual backbone.[2]
  • In The Elder Scrolls novel Lord of Souls, the Dunmer Ezhmaar Sul transports himself and Prince Attrebus to Ashpit from Vvardenfell and are confronted by Malacath himself.[3]
  • Bone Fragment From the Spine of Ashpit appears in the form of a grey block that is so light as to be hollow, and it sheds dust of a similar color as if it were made of the stuff.


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