"Malacath is the reanimated dung that was Trinimac, Malacath is a weak but vengeful god. The Dark Elves say he is Malak, the god-king of the orcs. He tests the Dunmer for physical weakness."

Ashurnibibi is a Daedric ruin located in the region of the Bitter Coast, on the subcontinent of Vvardenfell in the province of Morrowind. Ashurnibibi is dedicated to Malacath, the Daedric Prince of the Sworn Oath and the Patron of the Orsimer.

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Ashurnibibi is located along the Bitter Coast, which is a swampy and desolate area connecting the inner Grazelands and the Inner Sea. Ashurnibibi is situated towards the Inner Sea, in the low wetlands that are partially sunken and muddy. Ashurnibibi itself contains towers and wall that were able to withstand the test of time. Unlike other shrines, the walls have not decayed, at least for the most part. As one delves into Ashurnibibi, the ruins soon end and begin with natural caverns. Some of the temple is located in the shrine, and river ways flow throughout the inner ruins, possibly leaking from the Inner Sea. It is not far from the minor township of Hla Oad.

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Second Era[edit | edit source]

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During the Interregnum in 2E 583, the ruins of Ashurnibibi was occupied by the Malacath Fanatics, a radical group of Orsimer that hailed from the region of Wrothgar. The group was under the leadership of Curate Sneg, who rose to prominence in western Vvardenfell, prompting an assassination mark on the Orcish priest. The Morag Tong was hired to assassinate Sneg and to disband the fanatics, so they sent Naryu Virian, a well-known Agent throughout Tamriel. With the help of a friend, the two were able to defeat Sneg and disrupted the fanatics' plans throughout Vvardenfell. This incident, however, would not be the last time Malacath's followers would occupy the ruins of Ashurnibibi.[1]

Third Era[edit | edit source]

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During the Blight outbreak in 3E 427, the ruins of Ashurnibibi was occupied by other Orcish followers of Malacath, who were notorious throughout the area for being kidnappers. The Malacath cult was led by Durgash gro-Rushub, who had his followers kidnap people for sacrifices. At one point, the Orcs had kidnapped Joncis Dalomax, who was a knight of the Imperial Legion. With the help of a fellow member, the Orcs were defeated at Ashurnibibi, and Dalomax was returned to the nearby Buckmoth Legion Fort, located in the city-state of Ald'ruhn. It is unknown whatever happened to Ashurnibibi, it was likely reoccupied by another Orcish cult, as it has been throughout the eras.[2]

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