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Assurnabitashpi is a Daedric ruin located west of Urshilaku Camp in the Ashlands region. It is composed of two unconnected areas, Assurnabitashpi proper which is entered from the northernmost tower and Assurnabitashpi Shrine, which has two entrances, one southwest and one southeast of the first entrance.



This very small area is a square room at the end of a passageway. There are two leveled daedroth here and a Destruction Skill book.

Assurnabitashpi ShrineEdit

Inside the shrine is a statue of Mehrunes Dagon and in front the of the statue is a typical offering plate. The diamond offering is cursed and will summon a Dremora Lord when taken. Surrounding the statue are four tall pillars that rise above the second level of the shrine. The statue is facing the southeast pillar and there is a chest hidden on top of that pillar that requires levitation to get to.

The Shrine is one of the locations for the Morag Tong quest "Threads of the Webspinner."


Threads of the WebspinnerEdit

There were 27 items created by the Daedric Prince Sanguine for the Daedric Prince Mephala. One of them, the Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom, is possessed by Earmil who is inside the shrine.



Assurnabitashpi Shrine

Notable itemsEdit

Assurnabitashpi Shrine



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