"Move along, friend."
―Astav Wirich[src]

Astav Wirich

Astav Wirich is a Breton and member of the Order of the Mythic Dawn who lives in the Third Era. During the Oblivion Crisis, he is stationed in the Imperial City along with several other Dawn members. When the Blades Baurus begin investigating Mythic Dawn operations within the City, Wirich is set to tail him. He eventually managed to corner Baurus in Luther Broad's Boarding House, where Baurus is to meet with the Hero of Kvatch. Baurus tricked Wirich into following him into the inns basement, where Wirich attacks Baurus, but is ambushed from behind by the Hero. Astav falls to the two Blades.

Like most Mythic Dawn members, Wirich carries a copy of the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes with him, in his case the first volume of the series. The Hero recovered this copy from Wirich's body and was eventually able to use it to deduce the location of the Order's hidden shrine.


  • If the Hero attacks Astav before he goes over to the door or before he attacks Baurus, Baurus will either bug out and stand there indefinitely (due to the "actor" not living, he would stand there forever), or go back and sit down as if nothing happened.


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