"Astia Inventius. Wife of the woodsman, Pinarus Inventius. Always out hunting. Anything to avoid doing a little work around the house."
―Astia Inventius[src]

Astia Inventius is the wife of Pinarus Inventius and a resident of the city of Anvil. She lives in their house with her husband.

Astia is usually hanging around the Anvil Docks painting the lighthouse and the hill it is sat atop. She seems to paint the same thing each day though. She brings a canvas, paint brush and paint palette with her, sometimes she wanders up the dock to converse with different people on the docks before returning to paint and then goes back to the house she shares with husband, Pinarus.


Anvil "Well, if you don't mind scruffy sailors smelling like bilge, it's a lovely town. The men are all the same, drunk and shiftless."




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