Astinia Atius' House is located within the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. It's the residence of Astinia Atius. This two story house with a basement is a standard city house. There is a reception room on the first floor, with a dining table in one corner and a food cupboard with food items. There is also a dresser with some vases on it and a few crates and sacks on the floor.

Astina Atius' Private QuartersEdit

Upstairs in the private quarters is a large bedroom. It's sparsely furnished with a double bed in the alcove, a dresser and cupboard and a desk in one corner. There are a few sacks and barrels and some miscellaneous items in the room too.

Astina Atius' BasementEdit

The basement is the smaller variant and it contains only some barrels, sacks and crates with miscellaneous items.



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