Not to be confused with Atahba.
"Please, come and browse our goods."


Atahbah is a Khajiit trader typically found traveling alongside Ri'saad with his caravan. After completing the Thieves Guild mission regarding the caravans, she becomes available as a fence.


Atahbah may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if they steal from Ri'saad or The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Caravan DialogueEdit

The following are interactions observed between Atahbah and the other caravan members.

Ri'saad and AtahbahEdit

Atahbah: "My bones ache for the Moon Sugar. It has been too long since I tasted it."
Ri'saad: "You know that our supply is limited. It could be a season or more before we get a new shipment from the south."
Atahbah: "My ears hear the truth in your words, and yet my body shakes with the need."
Ri'saad: "Control yourself! Do not frighten our customers away with your fits."
Atahbah: "Yes, of course, your are right. Still, I would give much for even a few grains of moonsugar."
Ri'saad: "Put the thought out of your mind, and do not speak of it again."

Atahbah and Ma'randru-joEdit

Atahbah: "We have been in this land for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to walk on warm sand."
Ma'randru-jo: "Yes, I know what you mean. My toes are numb from the cold more often than not."
Atahbah: "Do you ever find that you regret making this journey?"
Ma'randru-jo: "In truth I do not. I have always dreamed of seeing new lands, and it does not hurt that we are making a good profit."
Atahbah: "That is true. Perhaps I should be more grateful for this opportunity. Not many Khajiit can say that they have visited Skyrim."


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