Not to be confused with Atahba.
"Please, come and browse our goods."

Atahbah is a Khajiit trader typically found traveling alongside Ri'saad with his caravan. After completing the Thieves Guild mission regarding the caravans, she becomes available as a fence.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Atahbah may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if they steal from Ri'saad or The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Caravan Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The following are interactions observed between Atahbah and the other caravan members.

Ri'saad and Atahbah[edit | edit source]

Atahbah: "My bones ache for the Moon Sugar. It has been too long since I tasted it."
Ri'saad: "You know that our supply is limited. It could be a season or more before we get a new shipment from the south."
Atahbah: "My ears hear the truth in your words, and yet my body shakes with the need."
Ri'saad: "Control yourself! Do not frighten our customers away with your fits."
Atahbah: "Yes, of course, your are right. Still, I would give much for even a few grains of moonsugar."
Ri'saad: "Put the thought out of your mind, and do not speak of it again."

Atahbah and Ma'randru-jo[edit | edit source]

Atahbah: "We have been in this land for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to walk on warm sand."
Ma'randru-jo: "Yes, I know what you mean. My toes are numb from the cold more often than not."
Atahbah: "Do you ever find that you regret making this journey?"
Ma'randru-jo: "In truth I do not. I have always dreamed of seeing new lands, and it does not hurt that we are making a good profit."
Atahbah: "That is true. Perhaps I should be more grateful for this opportunity. Not many Khajiit can say that they have visited Skyrim."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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