Atatar is a large, four level Ayleid Ruin in eastern Blackwood. It lies just northeast of Arpenia and east of Barren Mine. Since its desertion many years ago, it has become occupied by many Bandits, plus a few Rats that have made their way into the ruins through crumbled walls.


  • Atatar
  • Atatar Haelia Dagon / Terrible Destruction
  • Atatar Haelia Anga
  • Atatar Loria / Darkens

Atatar Haelia Dagon holds three Varla Stones once coming around through Atatar Haelia Anga and press the button.

Even without opening the cage one can jump on it while it is currently covering the stone, then circle around the top until one see a hole where it shines through, "activate varla stone cage" will turn in to "take varla stone." Take it while it is still covered to save time of the hassle of opening the cage remotely.


Azani BlackheartEdit

Modryn Oreyn needs help finding out more about the Blackwood Company and their shady dealings and asks the Hero to join him in the hunt for what happened when he lost his men in an earlier mission.

Azani can be found in Atatar Loria. There are plenty of loot and books in this room, as well as the skill book, Rislav the Righteous.


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