Atheron Residence is a residence found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, located in the lower Gray Quarter of Windhelm, near Sadri's Used Wares and across from the New Gnisis Cornerclub.


The residence is home to Aval Atheron, Faryl Atheron, and Suvaris Atheron. It is locked with a novice level lock.


  • At certain points, the Windhelm Guards will mention the potential of the Atheron Residence to be haunted.



  • The home, although technically owned, appears to be abandoned. Cobwebs hang from the ceilings, and several tapestries are torn.
  • There are three beds which you can sleep in. One on the main level and two on the upper level.
  • Almost all items are available for you to take rather than steal, including several minor level potions.
  • The item of the highest value in the residence is a Silver Ruby Ring valued at 260 GoldIcon located in a knapsack at the base of the stairs. This item, however, unlike the other items in the knapsack, appears red, meaning you have to steal it.
  • There is a cooking pot on the upper level.
  • Although you have to break into the residence, you are not trespassing, so waiting inside is permitted.
  • The Shadowmark for "Loot" can be seen on the bottom-right of the front door, possibly referring to the Silver Ruby Ring inside the house. 


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