"A pleasure to make your aquaintance. I'm Athragar of the Mages Guild. How can I serve you?"

Athragar is a Bosmer spell merchant, Journeyman Alteration Trainer and member of the Mages Guild located in the Chorrol Mages Guild. Because the Chorrol Mages Guild specializes in Conjuration magic, his wares include spells of that school. Of those present, the majority consist of Bound Items.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Services[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Alteration Training

"A pleasure to make your aquaintance. I'm Athragar of the Mages Guild. How can I serve you?"

Training "If you wish to learn more about Alteration, you'd be wise to consult Tooth-in-the-Sea. If you can find him, that is. I believe he's currently residing somewhere north of Bravil. Spends most of his time in Niben Bay, I understand. And I do mean IN Niben Bay."
Training "Seek out Tooth-in-the-Sea. He can train you further."
Chorrol Recommendation

"A pleasure to make your aquaintance. I'm Athragar of the Mages Guild. How can I serve you?"

Earana "I don't know all the details, but I heard that she complained to the Council until they removed Teekeeus from his position at the Arcane University."
Mages Guild "Training and spells, training and spells. It gets so boring after a while; maybe someday I'll be able to move to the Arcane University."

Spells for sale[edit | edit source]

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
ConjurationBoundWeapon.pngBound Bow Journeyman (50) Bound Bow for 15 secs on Self 142 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationBoundArmor.pngBound Cuirass Journeyman (50) Bound Cuirass for 60 secs on Self 72 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationBoundWeapon.pngBound Mace Journeyman (50) Bound Mace for 15 secs on Self 136 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationBoundArmor.pngBound Shield Expert (75) Bound Shield for 120 secs on Self 216 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationBoundWeapon.pngBound Sword Expert (75) Bound Sword for 15 secs on Self 352 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationTurnUndead.pngDismiss Undead Expert (75) Turn Undead up to level 18 for 60 secs on Target 187 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationTurnUndead.pngRebuke Undead Journeyman (50) Turn Undead up to level 15 for 30 secs on Target 70 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationClannfear.pngSummon Clannfear Expert (75) Summon Clannfear for 45 secs on Self 340 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationDaedroth.pngSummon Daedroth Expert (75) Summon Daedroth for 30 secs on Self 369 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationDremora.pngSummon Dremora Journeyman (50) Summon Dremora for 20 secs on Self 145 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationFadedWraith.pngSummon Faded Wraith Expert (75) Summon Faded Wraith for 40 secs on Self 350 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationFireAtronach.pngSummon Flame Atronach Journeyman (50) Summon Flame Atronach for 30 secs on Self 135 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationFrostAtronach.pngSummon Frost Atronach Expert (75) Summon Frost Atronach for 35 secs on Self 360 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationHeadlessZombie.pngSummon Headless Zombie Journeyman (50) Summon Headless Zombie for 25 secs on Self 140 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationSkeletonGuardian.pngSummon Skeleton Guardian Journeyman (50) Summon Skeleton Guardian for 40 secs on Self 130 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationSkeleton.pngSummon Skeleton Hero Expert (75) Summon Skeleton Hero for 50 secs on Self 330 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationSkeleton.pngSummon Skeleton Champion Expert (75) Summon Skeleton Champion for 25 secs on Self 380 MagickaIcon.png
ConjurationSpiderDaedra.pngSummon Spider Daedra Expert (75) Summon Spider Daedra for 20 secs on Self 390 MagickaIcon.png
IllusionCommand.pngDominate Creature Expert (75) Command Creature up to level 9 for 30 secs on Target 265 MagickaIcon.png
IllusionCommand.pngDominate Humanoid Expert (75) Command Humanoid up to level 9 for 30 secs on Target 331 MagickaIcon.png
IllusionCommand.pngDominating Touch Journeyman (50) Command Creature up to level 6 for 30 secs on Touch 105 MagickaIcon.png

"Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in player's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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