"I am Athyn Sarethi, a councilor of House Redoran. What can I do for you?"
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Athyn Sarethi is a Dunmer agent who may be found inside Sarethi Manor. He is known as a wise and fair Councilor of House Redoran throughout Vvardenfell. He lives in Sarethi Manor which is located in Ald'ruhn's Manor District. Athyn is also the author of "The True Noble's Code."[1] He is the father of Varvur Sarethi.


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Redoran Hortator

"I am Athyn Sarethi, a councilor of House Redoran. What can I do for you?"

Redoran Hortator "That's a title given to a war leader among the Great Houses. Why are you interested?"
Ask how a Hortator is chosen. "Only the Redoran councilors can choose a Hortator for House Redoran, and it must be unanimous. The Hortator's duty is defined by ancient custom, but, in essence, a Hortator is a House champion, and must be both skilled in combat and known for his courage and honor."
Redoran councilors "Currently the Redoran councilors are myself, Athyn Sarethi, the Archmaster Bolvyn Venim, Garisa Llethri, Hlaren Ramoran, Brara Morvayn, and Miner Arobar. Did you not get a Red Book of the Great House Redoran?"
Bolvyn Venim "He is a strong leader, and has done great things for House Redoran. How can I explain the hold he has over the hearts of the Redoran people? He brought us back from certain defeat. He moved the council here to Vvardenfell and took our share of the frontier lands. He is a natural leader, born to rule. One only wishes he was just and fair as well as strong."
Garisa Llethri "Garisa Llethri will be in Llethri Manor, the last manor on your left as you enter Skar, between the Redoran Council Hall and my own home. It may be difficult to win his support, but you will have to speak with him and find out what he asks in return."
Hlaren Ramoran "Ramoran Manor is between my home and the entrance to Skar. He has a temper, especially with foreigners, but he trusts my judgement. I believe i can convince him to support us."
Brara Morvayn "Since the Morvayn Manor has been overrun, Mistress Morvayn stays in the Redoran Council Hall. Speak with her there and get her support."
Miner Arobar "You must speak with Miner Arobar. His Manor is the last on your right as you enter Skar. Between the Redoran Council Hall and the Morag Tong Guildhall."
choose a Hortator "A Hortator is chosen by consensus. Everyone has to agree. A single 'no' is a veto. First a Great House has to choose a Hortator. Then that Hortator has to go persuade the other Great Houses to agree to name him Hortator of their houses, too."
Hortator's duty "Hortator is more a chief hero than a general. The councils plan and approve strategy. It's a terrible system. The Legions aren't like that. The generals ignore the politicians. And win the wars. But a Hortator leads by doing. The champion who wins every battle and inspires by example. The hero who challenges and defeats the opposing hero in single combat. Doesn't have to be polite or smart. Or even a nice person. Just has to win. And make others want to win."
Tell your story and ask to be confirmed as Hortator. "You have told a remarkable story. It has the ring of truth. You may have been deceived, but I believe you. I may be able to persuade other councilors to believe you as well. But, as a condition of my support, I require a favor. Rescue my son, Varvur Sarethi, from Venim Manor."
Varvur Sarethi "Yes, my son. He is being held in Venim Manor, which is the first manor to your right when you enter Skar. I have heard Bolvyn Venim is keeping him in the right wing of his manor. You must be careful not to kill Bolvyn Venim himself, or the other councilors will turn against you."
Venim Manor "Venim Manor is the first manor to your right when you enter Skar."

After returning with Varvur:

"Yes, my son, Varvur Sarethi. You have returned him to me, and I am in your debt."

Varvur Sarethi "You have rescued my son, and I am forever in your debt."
Varvur Sarethi "Yes, Nerevarine (Player name), you rescued my son from Venim Manor. I have not forgotten."
Redoran Hortator "You rescued my son. Words cannot express my gratitude. Therefore, I name you Hortator of House Redoran. I also promise that I will use my influence with the other councilors of House Redoran. Alas, there is one obstacle, Bolvyn Venim will never name an outlander Hortator. But if you have the full support of the council, he may agree to an honorable duel."
Duel "The duel is an honorable tradition dating back at least to the founding of Resdayn. Each party to the deal makes an agreement as to the compensation that will be given to the winner. The loser is legally bound to this agreement. Most duels are fought until one party admits defeat or falls in battle. The duel to the death is less common and only ends when one party is dead. The winner of a duel may take what he wants of the loser's possessions, but some consider this dishonorable."
Bolvyn Venim "If any other councilor were killed or murdered, the other councilors would refuse to name you Hortator. But Venim is tyrannical and unjust, and if he were to die in a duel or a fair fight, no councilor could find dishonor in it. I gaurantee it. In fact, if Venim dies an honorable death, I promise I will continue to plead your case with the other councilors."
Redoran Hortator "With my influence, the other councilors should agree to name you Hortator. All except Bolvyn Venim. He would never allow an outlander to be named Hortator, nor can you simply kill him without provoking the other councilors. But if you have the support of the Redoran Council, perhaps Venim will agree to an honorable duel."

After killing Bolvyn:

"I will give you my support as the Redoran Hortator. I will try to use my influence with the other councilors."

Redoran Hortator "The Council of House Redoran is in agreement. You are the Hortator of House Redoran. I hope you are as successful in persuading the rest of Morrowind to unite against Dagoth Ur and his blighted hosts. On behalf of the house and council, take the Ring of the Hortator, a token of your office. By this ring others shall know you as our chosen champion. I also have a sealed package for you. I do not know what it contains, but I received it from a contact in the highest ranks of the Temple. My guess is that it has something to do with the Temple's position on your claim to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. And here is a copy of a recent public notice identifying you as an Imperial agent. I am satisfied of your sincerity, but I warn you that others may not be so understanding."
Redoran Hortator "You are our Hortator, Nerevarine (Player name). Now go forth and fight for House Redoran until Dagoth Ur and his Blight has been swept from the land."




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