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"Someone should write a book about the problems we're having with our doubles here in Split."

Atrabhi (Mania) quote

Atrabhi is a Khajiit mage who resides in the Shivering Isles. She resides in the town of Split as well as her twin. An experimenting mage split the town and its members into two halfs. One half resembling Mania, while the other half looks and acts like Dementia. Atrabhi hates her demented counterpart because she gets in the way of her passion of reading.


Both Atrabhi's will, in their own way, refer to their version of Horkvir Bear-Arm. He will then explain that they want their counterparts dead but cannot do it themselves, because if they did it would count as killing themselves and they would end up on the Hill of Suicides.

The Great DivideEdit

Siding with one side or the other will result in the deaths of one of the Atrabhi's.


  • The Mania Atrabhi has several lines of unused dialogue that never gets used due to quest dialogue taking priority.


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