"Oh, Faelian, dear Faelian... why must you ruin both our lives?"

Atraena is an Altmer living at the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Imperial City's Talos Plaza District.


The Lonely WandererEdit

Atraena is dating Faelian, a skooma addict who has been targeted by the Dark Brotherhood. If the Hero talks to her, it becomes easy to see that she is upset of what has become of her once proud man.

If she trusts the Hero, she will tell them that she has seen Faelian go into Lorkmir's House and she believes that he takes his skooma there. She might have taken the hit out on Faelian, as she is too upset about his once-proud life cascading into a Skooma-filled mess.


The Lonely WandererEdit

"Oh, Faelian, dear Faelian... why must you ruin both our lives?"
"Yes, good sir? How may I help you?"

Faelian "Please, I... I don't mean to get emotional but... I feel I can trust you. I just don't know what to do about Faelian! All he thinks about, all he cares about, is skooma! He was a fine young man once. But he's lost everything. His looks, his money... his self-respect. I followed him a few times, to see where he goes. He walks around the city looking for skooma, and then goes to Lorkmir's house for several hours. It's in the Elven Gardens District. I think the house is deserted. That's why he goes there. So he can escape from life and do his skooma! Thank you for listening. You're a good friend. I just hope my sweet Faelian can clean himself up, or that awful skooma will be the death of him!"


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