Attuned Dremora is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is part of the Jaws of Oblivion expansion.


  • Attuned Dremora can be soul summoned with 100 soul gems or found in Jaws of Oblivion set packs.


Attuned Dremora receives all keywords possessed by friendly creatures in play. As such, Attuned Dremora is best played when there are several friendly creatures with different keywords in play. This can be best achieved after summoning Royal Sage or with Mundus Stone in play.

If, however, Attuned Dremora adopts many keywords from other creatures, this will make it a priority target for opposents. Using guards in the same lane can increase its survivability in the face of significant attention, but will be ineffective if it also gained guard from an existing creature with that keyword.


  • "No match at all for me." – When summoned
  • "Feel... my... might!" – When attacking



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