"And with the signal fires lit and our defenders alerted, Zoreh finally collapsed. Such courage drove our ancestors to victory against the warlord and his band. To understand her sacrifice is to understand Bergama."

Aubatha is a Redguard character residing in Bergama. She is the main source of information about Zoreh the Tenacious and the Bergama Signal Fire Sprint, only appearing while the New Life Festival is active.


Signal Fire SprintEdit

Travel to Bergama, speak to Aubatha and light four braziers within the allotted time limit.


  • "Zoreh's love for the community was deep and abiding. Working together to light the fires does honor in her memory."
  • "Zoreh wasn't called "the Tenacious" for endurance alone. Her keen mind allowed her to defend Bergama from its enemies. As our hero did, learn where we keep each signal fire and plot your route."


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