Auberon Flyte was a male Breton. He and his wife Doryanna Flyte were the rulers of Anticlere, a region near the Iliac Bay, which was formerly known as Reich Gradkeep. Auberon led the Knights of the Flame, the guardians and protectors of Anticlere.

He became King of Anticlere following the murder of the former ruler, Lord Graddock, and most of his family during the War for Betony. Only one sickly infant survived the massacre. Auberon and Doryanna ruled as regents until the infant's death. Auberon had a strong, yet dictatorial style of governing, which was exactly what Anticlere needed after the Riot in Reich Gradkeep. After the infant's death they were elected to the position of king and queen by the citizens of Anticlere.[1][UL 1]



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