Not to be confused with Audens Avidius.

Audenian Valius is an Imperial in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Audenian is a trader and an Enchanter who resides in Vivec City, in the Telvanni Canton, on the Waistwork level. He owns and lives in his shop.


  • Offers enchanting services for a fee.
  • He sells various scrolls.
  • His bedroom suffers from a rat infestation and may ask the Nerevarine for help.


The Enchanter's RatsEdit

Help Audenian in getting rid of a rat problem.

The Client ListEdit

Steal a list of Audenian's clients for Bolrin.


The Enchanter's Rats

"Welcome to my shop, friend. Perhaps I can offer you something you need? I'd have more to offer, but for this incredible rat infestation."

rat infestation "It's been awful in the past few weeks, and nothing I do seems to help. I've tried poison, spells, everything! I've even got a couple of them shut up in my back room. I'd be grateful if you could take care of this for me, and I would be willing to pay you for your services."
I can get rid of those rats for you. "You will? Excellent. Just let me know when you've solved my rat problem."
I can't help you. "Oh well. I'm sure I'll find a way to take care of this problem."
rat infestation "Oh, how I hate those damn rats."

After killing the rats in the back room:

rat infestation "You've killed the rats in my back room? Well, I could have done that! I'm talking about the source of the infestation. There must be a nest of them somewhere, probably down in the Underworks. When you've gotten rid of those, let me know, and I'll reward you."

rat infestation "I don't believe you've killed them all. I still can hear them skittering around below."

After killing the rats in the sewer:

rat infestation "You've gotten rid of them all? Excellent! Well, as promised, here's something for your troubles. They're not particularly easy to come by, but I appreciate your effort."




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