Augustus' Amulet is a unique enchanted amulet located inside the Arenim Ancestral Tomb in the Azura's Coast region. The amulet has a variety of magical effects that can prove useful to disable an opponent during combat.


Enchantment ID: augustusamulet_en_unique

All effects are for 30 seconds in a 2-foot radius on target:


Search for Her Father's AmuletEdit

Upon encountering Satyana outside the Arenim Ancestral Tomb, she requests the Nerevarine's help to retrieve this amulet from within, and will join forces to battle the undead inside.


If obtained during the aforementioned quest, the Nerevarine can choose not to give Satyana the amulet, which causes her to become enraged and forces the Nerevarine into combat. If it is acquired without accepting the quest, she confronts the Nerevarine upon leaving the tomb and demands that it be given to her.


  • Despite being named Augustus' Amulet, it is found on the remains of Agustas (which also matches the spelling used for the item's ID).
  • The name may be an allusion to Augustus, the first Roman Emperor after the fall of Julius Caesar.


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