Aurane Frernis is a Breton Apothecary who owns a shop in the western corridor on the upper level of the Lower Waistworks in Vivec City's Foreign Quarter.


Alchemical FormulasEdit

In this House Hlaalu quest, Nileno Dorvayn tasks the Nerevarine with obtaining a set of secret alchemical formulas from Aurane Frernis.

An Apothecary SlanderedEdit

Aurane wants the Nerevarine to confront Domalen about the leaflets he has been handing out, which propagate untrue information about her, damaging her reputation as an apothecary.

Roland's TearEdit

Aurane Frernis asks the Nerevarine to find five units of Roland's Tears in Ald Sotha for her.


Aurane Frernis acts as a merchant, selling mainly alchemical ingredients. She has a base gold of 400 and restocks regularly the following ingredients:



A leaflet? What's this? This is ridiculous! It's all lies! Why...someone must pay for this. Tell you what, [player's name], if you can find out who is behind this slander, I'll reward you well. Ask whoever gave you this leaflet what's going on. This is an outrage!

Belan makes the leaflets

Galuro Belan? That fetcher! I can't believe she'd do this to me! I'm reporting this to the magistrate! This is ridiculous. Thank you for your help. Here's your payment, as promised.


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