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Auriel's Bow is a powerful artifact in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind created by the elven god Auriel. When the Nerevarine uses the bow, magic spells accompany the arrows.


The legendary bow is the possession of Ralyn Othravel in the Tower of Dawn at the Ghostgate. The Nerevarine will have to pickpocket it or kill him to own it themselves.


Auriel's BowEdit

If the Nerevarine joined House Telvanni, they will be asked by Therana to find a bow that "smells of ash yams". She says that the "smell" is most potent near Ralyn Othravel in the Ghostgate. The Nerevarine must head there, take the Bow from him and return it to Therana.

The Museum TREdit

If The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal has been installed, then the Nerevarine can sell the bow to the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold for 15,000GoldIcon. If they have already handed the bow to Therana, they can kill her to obtain it again.


  • In its default state, Auriel's Bow is not enchanted.
  • The Nerevarine can enchant the Bow themselves.
    • Doing this will forfeit the ability to sell it to the Museum.


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