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"Auriel's Shield, an Ebony shield said to have once belonged to the quasi-mythical Elvish deity Auriel, can make its wielder nigh invulnerable. In its resistance to fire and magick, Auriel's Shield is unsurpassed. To defend its wielder from any attacks it cannot absorb, the Shield lends him or her health. Like many artifacts of Tamriel, the Shield has life and personality of its own, and does not feel bound to its user. A popular fable tells the tale of it abandoning one wielder in her greatest hour of need, but this is perhaps, apocryphal."
―In-game description[src]

Auriel's Shield is a powerful artifact created by the Elven god Auri-El in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. It takes the appearance of an ebony kite shield.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The following effects cost 2420 to cast:

  • Resist Fire – 80% chance for 3 rounds per level, +1% per level.
  • Spell Shield – 80% chance to reflect, +1% per level, duration: 3 rounds per level.
  • Heals – 50 hp shield, +35 pts per level.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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