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Aurora is a rare celestial event on Nirn which can be seen in certain areas in the northern parts of Tamriel. Three of these certain areas are SkyrimSolstheim, and the Forgotten Vale where auroras randomly appear in the night sky when it is clear. The aurora comes in a variety of different palettes of color and will last for some time. It serves no purpose in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim other than being aesthetic. 



  • If the Clear Skies shout is used when the aurora can be seen, the aurora might disappear. After some time, however, it may come back, sometimes in a different color.
    • Alternatively, the Clear Skies shout can be used at night when clouds are obscuring the aurora from view. When used, the clouds will disappear and the aurora will be seen with no trouble at all.
    • The Clear Skies shout will always cause aurora to appear when used at night. This can be useful, as it becomes a little less dark at night when the aurora is active.
  • The aurora is a weather type and can be set via the sw and fw commands in the console.
  • Aurora subtly influences the color of the night; orange aurora may tint the hue of vision orangey.
  • On Earth, the aurora are caused by radiation from the sun which is diverted by the Earth's magnetic field. The sun in Mundus is not a star, as in massive luminescent spheres of plasma, but is actually a hole into Aetherius, from which magical energy emanates. This may mean that the Aurora is caused by this magical energy radiating down onto Nirn, and its exclusive presence at the poles may even suggest that this energy is magnetic.
  • The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Soundtrack has a song called "Aurora." It will occasionally play in the outdoor wilderness, but only at night.