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The following are authors that appear in books in The Elder Scrolls Online:

(Separated as this is not a complete list yet)

  1. Abbot Crassius Viria - The Interpreted Soul
  2. Ablahar at-Tanul - Glinting Talons
  3. Adainaz: Adainaz's Journal
  4. Adan Kordrel - A Citizen's Petition
  5. Adandora the Tale-weaver - A Star Walks in Craglorn
  6. Adubaer
    1. Second Scrap of Adubaer's Journal
  7. Aldous Brousseau - Glenumbra's People
  8. Alla Llaleth - Breaking the Cycle of Tyranny
  9. Ashalaku - The Founding of Zuuk
  10. Aicantar of Shimmerene, Sapiarch of Indoctrination
  11. Altmeri Travel Guild
  12. Ansur Belote - Glenumbra's Towns and Cities
  13. Archimbert Dantaine - Research Assistant Wanted
  14. Arthenice Belloq - A Life Barbaric and Brutal
  15. Asgrim Kolsgreg - Galerion the Mystic
  16. Astanamo the Penitent
    1. Letter to an Aldarch
  17. Barjot - Barjot's Journal
  18. Beredalmo the Signifier
  19. Bolga gra-Bur, Huntswoman of Mistral - Bolga's Guide to Island Beasts
  20. Bonorion the Wanderer
    1. All About Giants
    2. Legend of the Ghost Snake
  21. Borzul gro-Ghol - Borzul's Suicide Note
  22. Brother Hetchfeld - An Overview of Gods and Worship in Tamriel
  23. Calahawn
    1. Hunt With Me
    2. What Comes Next
  24. Cantillon - Cantillon's Correspondence
  25. Chimere Graegyn
    1. Harvest's End
  26. Cirantille
  27. Claudie
    1. Claudie's Journal
    2. Claudie's Last Entry
  28. Coristir
  29. Council of Healers (Imperial University) - Notes on Racial Phylogeny
  30. Divayth Fyr - Sorcery is Not Necromancy!
  31. Defessus Lector
  32. Defessus Magister - A Request for Relief
  33. Deregor - Deregor's Lost Notes
  34. Denogorath the Dread Archivist
    1. Daedra Dossier: Cold-Flame Atronach
    2. Daedra Dossier: The Titans
  35. Doctor Rhythandius
    1. Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm
    2. "Death" of Morphotypical Entities
  36. Drivas
    1. Drivas' Journal
  37. Drusilla - Drusilla's Notes
  38. King Eamond - Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock
  39. Ehcelmo - Clans of the Reach: A Guide
  40. Erystera Ligen - True Heirs of the Empire
  41. Felicitas Mallicius - Academy's Rejection Letter
  42. Fenlil the Wayfarer - Auridon Explored I
  43. Ferrand - Note to Gillbard
  44. Florin Jaliil
    1. Father of the Niben, Fragment One
    2. Father of the Niben, Fragment Two
  45. Frederick
    1. Frederick's Letter
  46. Frederique Lynielle
    1. Crumbling Breton Scroll
  47. Garric the Pilot
    1. Beware the Glenumbra Banks
  48. Gruznak - About Mercy
  49. Guard Kleo - Ruminations by Guard Kleo
  50. Guylaine Marilie - Guylaine's Dwemer Architecture
  51. Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm
  52. Hoary Durotzel, The Wood Butcher of Ska'vyn
  53. Hollowjack Cantor - Crafting Motif 42: Hollowjack Style
  54. Juno Procillus - Aspects of Lord Hircine
  55. King Renwic
  56. Kinlord Rilis XII
  57. King Laloriaran Dynar (A Life of Strife and Struggle)
  58. Kynval Zzedenkathik of Clan Deathbringer
    1. I was Summoned by a Mortal
  59. Lady Brunwyn - Letter to Headman Bhosek
  60. Lady Cinnabar of Taneth
  1. Margaux Cantillon - Cantillon's Correspondence
  2. Malachite Chef
    1. Cooking Mastery, The Easy Way
  3. Master Chef Gilbard Larocque - Cheeses of Tamriel
  4. Mathor - Mathor's Journal
  5. Mistral Aurelian Teriscor
  6. Morontor - Note from Morantor
  7. Nworc at-Traeh ("Crown at Heart") - A Betrayal of Our Heritage
  8. Operative Maffud - Motalion Necropolis Report
  9. Peveral Stemuseph - Letter from Pereval
  10. Phoebe FalvoNames, Names, Names!
  11. Phrastus of Elinhir
  12. Ptolus the Bright, Resolute of Stendarr - Precepts of Stendarr
  13. Roland Volcy - The Last Will of Roland Volcy
  14. Saporius Pulex - Practical Necromancy
  15. Sathyr Longleat - Bravil: Daughter of the Niben
  16. Scholasticus Incognitus - Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots
  17. Scribe Nicolard - A Call to Action
  18. Selalleth - The Source of the Bone
  19. Shakra - Shakra's Letter
  20. Sigillah Parate - The Five Points of the Star
  21. Sinjin - Rislav the Righteous
  22. Sisters Glumm - Legends of the Forest
  23. Sven Two-Hammers - Heavy Armor Forging
  24. Swyk the Long-Sighted - Great Harbingers of the Companions
  25. Telenger the Artificer: Fang of the Sea Vipers.
  26. Headmaster Tanion of the College of Aldmeri Propriety - Ayrenn - The Unforeseen Queen
  27. The Faithless One - The Fall of Trinimac
  28. The Shattered Masque - A Clothier's Primer
  29. Valaste (High Incunabulist Valaste) - Kinlord Rilis and the Mages Guild
  30. Vardan
    1. Vardan's Diary
  31. Vinicius Imbrex - The Four Abominations
  32. Wapna Neustra
  33. Warlock Endil
  34. Wasten Coridale
    1. Hanging Gardens
  35. Wulfmare Shadow-Cloak
    1. Wulfmare's Guide to Better Thieving


  • Aicantar of Shimmerene's work, Before the Ages of Man, includes just her name. Her other books and notes list her as "Sapiarch of Indoctrination." 
  • Great Harbingers mentions having been written by a Third Era Author.
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