For other uses, see Autkendo Jansa.

Autkendo Jansa is a Dark Seducer in the Shivering Isles. She is the Captain of the Mazken Palace Guard in New Sheoth, the home of the Daedric Prince of madness, Sheogorath.


Jansa was a Dark Seducer serving Sheogorath. During the Fourth Era, she was the captain of the Mazken guard at the New Sheoth Palace and held the rank of Autkendo.

If the Hero chooses to be the Count of Dementia, she will lead the Forces of Madness alongside the Hero during the Battle of New Sheoth.


The End of OrderEdit

As the Greymarch closes in and threatens to destroy the whole land, the Hero is forced into a final showdown with the monstrous Jyggalag and his army.


  • If the Hero chose to rule Mania instead of Dementia, then the battle will be led by Aurmazl Zudeh instead.
  • If the Hero chose to be the count of Mania, Aurmazl Zudeh will arrive instead.


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