For other uses, see Autumnshade Clearing.
"Talk of strange happenings at Autumnshade Clearing, just north of the lake. My guess? Spriggans."
Riften Guard[src]

Autumnshade Clearing is a clearing located The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is northwest of Riften, and features a small natural stone overhang. To the north, fairly close by, is a Dwemer altar, as well as a small ruined stone Dwemer structure around it.


Notable items


  • There is an adept-locked Dwemer (cage) just to the west of the altar, attached at eye-level to a stone arch.
  • This is a good place to find Mora Tapinella, as at least five grow here.
  • There is an abundance of mountain flowers, mainly blue mountain flowers.
  • There are at least five Bleeding Crowns.
  • At the altar north of the clearing is a necromancer. Like the necromancers at a few of the Standing Stones, this one will not become hostile until approached, and only then when within a certain distance.
  • Two dead hunters lie under the small overhang.


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