"I'm Avrus Adas. I'm the priest of Zenithar at the Leyawiin Chapel."
―Avrus Adas[src]

Avrus Adas is a Dunmer priest in Leyawiin's Chapel of Zenithar. He is also a spell merchant and offers the spells listed below after 8pm.


He had been a priest of the Tribunal Temple in Kragenmoor, but after the Tribunal's downfall, he left and turned to the Nine Divines.


Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill Level Required Effects Base Magicka Cost
RestorationRestoreConvalescence Apprentice (25) Restore Health 15 pts on Target 48 MagickaIcon
RestorationCureCure Disease Journeyman (50) Cure Disease on Self 140 MagickaIcon
RestorationCureCure Paralysis Apprentice (25) Cure Paralysis on Touch 50 MagickaIcon
RestorationCureCure Poison Apprentice (25) Cure Poison of Self 60 MagickaIcon
RestorationFortifyFortify Endurance Apprentice (25) Fortify Endurance 5 pts for 90 secs on Self 42 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreGreater Convalescence Journeyman (50) Restore Health 20 pts for 2 secs on Target 138 MagickaIcon
RestorationFortifyGreater Fortify Endurance Journeyman (50) Fortify Endurance 10 pts for 90 secs on Self 102 MagickaIcon
RestorationFortifyGreater Fortify Health Expert (75) Fortify Health 60 pts for 60 secs on Self 158 MagickaIcon
RestorationFortifyMagickaGreater Fortify Magicka Expert (75) Fortify Magicka 60 pts for 60 secs on Self 169 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Greater Wounds Journeyman (50) Restore Health 20 pts for 2 secs on Self 92 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Major Wounds Apprentice (25) Restore Health 25 pts on Self 61 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreMinor Respite Novice (0) Restore Fatigue 15 pts on Self 6 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreRestore Endurance Apprentice (25) Restore Endurance 5 pts on Self 42 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreSuperior Convalescence Expert (75) Restore Health 20 pts for 4 secs on Target 277 MagickaIcon

Note: "Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in player's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.


Leyawiin "I used to be a priest of the Tribunal Temple in Kragenmoor. After the collapse, I drifted for a while, until I joined the Chapel. The beggars and the wicked Thieves Guild still trouble me. I wish the Nine Divines offered charity and comfort to the poor like the Temple did."


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