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"Axe skill helps a user wield heavy chopping weapons like war axes and battleaxes more effectively."
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Construction Set[src]

Axe is a combat specialization skill in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Axe skill determines the player's effectiveness when fighting with weapons of this type. Axe is governed by the Strength attribute.

There are two primary types of weapons governed by this skill: one-handed (war axe) and two-handed (battle axe). One-handed weapons are generally lighter and faster, and do less damage, but allow the use of a shield granting greater protection. Two-handed are generally heavier and slower, and do more damage, but prevent the use of a shield thereby sacrificing protection.

The skill level is increased while wielding this weapon during combat. When a strike lands successfully, progress towards the skill increase a percentage. When the progression of the current skill level reaches 100%, the skill level increases by 1.

Racial bonus[edit | edit source]

Certain races gain a one-time skill bonus during character creation:

Skill books[edit | edit source]

Skill Trainers[edit | edit source]

Trainer City Location Max level
Alfhedil Elf-Hewer Falensarano Upper Level 100
Eydis Fire-Eye Balmora Balmora Fighters Guild 72 (Fighters Guild Member of "Protector" or higher, required)
Radd Hard-Heart Moonmoth Legion Fort 66
Vonden Mano Ald'ruhn House Redoran Required 64
Aumsi Ebonheart Hawkmoth Legion Garrison 63
Imsin the Dreamer Buckmoth Legion Fort 60
Ivrosa Verethi Dren Plantation 60
Mondros Balur Ald'ruhn Morvayn Quarters 59
Ondi Khuul Thongar's Tradehouse 57
Arvs Raram Indarys Manor Raram's House 53
Hylf the Harrier Vivec Black Shalk Cornerclub 52
Taluro Athren Ghostgate Tower of Dusk 52
Sjorvar Horse-Mouth West Gash Region 50
Raig Vivec Vivec Fighters Guild 49
Tralan Ald'ruhn Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild 49
Iratian Albarnian Caldera Shenk's Shovel 48
Angoril Pelagiad Fort Pelagiad 44
Traven Marvos Balmora Eight Plates 42

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