Ayaan-si was a High Prophet of the Crowns that lived in the city of Elinhir around the time of the Oblivion Crisis. He was among many that rebelled against King Lhotun of Sentinel, however, he was more successful in his campaign then anyone else. Ayaan-si gathered the True Crowns in other Crowns territories such as Dragonstar and Lainlyn to fight against Lhotun's Government stationed in the Western Alik'r Desert.[1]

His influence extended as far as the Barony of Bergama and the Dak'fron Desert where he had forays located throughout the borders. One of his biggest feats was the Liberation of Totambu, a fiefdom among the Iliac Bay. By 3E 432, Ayaan-si's rebellion was fighting Lhotun's Army across the forests of Totambu. The outcome of the war is unknown. However, it is possible the conflict was interrupted by the abrupt Oblivion Crisis that ravaged Tamriel.[1]


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