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Ayleid Guardians are two statues coming to life, during the Thieves Guild quest "The Ultimate Heist." One carries a special Ayleid mace, the other an Elven Longsword.

After firing the Arrow of Extrication into the statue's stone, the Guardians become alive and attack the Hero. They cannot be looted and when one attempts to pick up their Ayleid Weapons (Mace and Longsword), the message "the weapon crumbles to dust as you touch it" appear, making it impossible to acquire them without exploits or console commands.

How to acquire the weapons[edit | edit source]

One can acquire them, but it is complex. One will need access to the Arcane University and three things to get the Ayleid weapons. First, a 100% chameleon (Spell or enchanted wear. The spell will need to last a long time (30 – 60 seconds) and the Hero will need to be a Master of Illusion). Second, a custom charm spell (100 points for at least 10 seconds on touch 20 seconds would be better). Third a powerful (enchanted) weapon or Destruction spell that can kill them instantly.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After shooting the Arrow of Extrication, (in Sneak mode if using spell) jump down (activated the Chameleon Spell if the Spell route is chosen) and walk up to the Guardian with the weapon one wants and try to talk to them.

They will draw their weapon, then run to a corner and sneak until they sheathe the weapon and stand down. Then run back to them, cast the Charm spell and activate them. They will resume their monumental pose and greet the Hero like a normal Altmer but have nothing else to say.

Exit the discussion (enter sneak mode if one wants the bonus) and hit them with the most powerful thing the Hero has while they still glow green. As they fall (if successful) search their corpse and one will be able to take the weapon.

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