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"I've seen plenty of Ayleid ruins. You'd think they'd be picked clean after 2000 years, but, no, there's still great treasures there."
Rumors in Cyrodiil[src]

Ayleid Ruins, commonly known as Elven Ruins, are ancient structures built by an ancient race of Elves known as the Ayleids. Aside from the usual enemies that inhabit the ruin, these ruins usually contain Ayleid casks and reliquaries, several traps, secret passages, and special magical towers known as Dark Welkynd Stones that shoot out balls of frost.

Some of these ruins are the focus of quests: The Collector, Nothing You Can Possess, and Secrets of the Ayleids. Other quests take the player into the ruins.

Ayleid Ruins contain a variety of lethal traps such as swinging blades through certain hallways, spiked grates that slide down corridors, poison gas chambers, Dark Welkynd Stones that fire bolts of frost, spike pits and areas where the floor crushes passersby against a spiked ceiling, triggered by simply stepping onto the area of flooring under the spikes. It has been said by many NPCs that these traps are marvels, because the Ayleids have been extinct for so long, but their ancient traps are still fully functional. Ayleid ruins tend to contain leveled undead, bandits, marauders, monsters or vampires.

List of Ayleid Ruins alphabetically[edit | edit source]

List of Ayleid Ruins by region[edit | edit source]

Blackwood[edit | edit source]

City Isle[edit | edit source]

The Hall of Epochs lies under the Imperial City and White-Gold Tower (both of which are of Ayleid construction).

Colovian Highlands[edit | edit source]

Gold Coast[edit | edit source]

Great Forest[edit | edit source]

Heartlands[edit | edit source]

Jerall Mountains[edit | edit source]

Nibenay Basin[edit | edit source]

Nibenay Valley[edit | edit source]

Valus Mountains[edit | edit source]

Waterfront[edit | edit source]

West Weald[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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