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"The bastards! There was no battle. Azani must have made a deal with the Blackwood Company. My guess is that they paid him off. "
Modryn Oreyn when inside Arpenia[src]

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Azani Blackheart is a Redguard nightblade and is the leader of a bandit group. He wields an Elven claymore called Sinweaver and is equipped with a full suit of Elven Armor, minus the head piece. He carries a Ring that can be used to prove the Fighters Guild killed him and not the Blackwood Company.


During the end of the Third Era the Fighters Guild was hired by a mage named Argoth to find an artifact held by Azani and his gang. Modryn Oreyn found his hideout and went in with twenty men. However the Guild members where defeated and Modryn made it out with only five of his men, one of the dead was the son of the Guildmaster.


Azani has a love for Ayleid Ruins, making most of his hideouts inside of them. He is known for his hostility and ferocity in combat, using his Elven claymore Sinweaver.


Azani BlackheartEdit

After the failed mission, the guild got word that Blackwood company finished the job, and killed Azani. Modryn did not believe that this was the case and asked one of the newer recruits to help him prove this. After some searching, Modryn was able to track Azani to an Ayleid Ruin called Atatar. Once Modryn and the recruit arrived they fought their way in and killed Azani. They took his ring as proof of the deed.


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