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Azani Blackheart is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Modryn Oreyn needs help finding out more about the Blackwood Company and their shady dealings and asks the Hero to join him in the hunt for what happened when he lost his men in an earlier mission.


Modryn Oreyn tells the Hero that a job needs to be done off the record. He will meet them at his house after dark as he will not talk about this at the guild house. Wait until dark and then go inside his house where he is waiting.

He will tell the Hero they are to help him investigate the Blackwood Company. He believes that they have conspired against the Fighters Guild. He also says that he believes that there is something not right about the Blackwood Company. They accept any contract and do anything to complete it.

For instance, in the recent Azani Blackheart mission, the Fighters Guild tried to recover an artifact from Azani for a mage named Argoth with the help of twenty men. Five survived. The Blackwood Company then took over and finished the job. However, recently Argoth died, and the artifact went missing, which could mean the company made a deal with Azani Blackheart. He tells them to meet him at the Leyawiin Fighters Guild.

Once in Leyawiin, he will tell them to go with him to Arpenia, some Ayleid Ruins north of Leyawiin to see if the two of them can find any evidence against the Blackwood Company.


Head to Arpenia, and help Oreyn clear the ruins. There are but a few rats and mudcrabs and he will approach and say that it seems the ruin is empty. Sometimes Oreyn won't talk about Blackheart even after the ruins are cleared. When this happens try going into the room were there is a platform spike trap, there one should be able to talk with him.

He will tell the Hero that his suspicions are true, and that the Blackwood Company must have made a deal with Azani Blackheart to move his base of operations to Atatar, slightly northeast of Arpenia.

He tells them to follow him there. When he walks into the room with the platform spike trap, he sometimes steps on it and gets stuck. It'll keep going up and down. Just reload again to save time. Do not run ahead of him, he will stop moving, so it's best just to follow him to Atatar. This will take some time, as he walks pretty slowly.


Having followed Oreyn to Atatar, begin clearing it. This ruin is filled with bandits. On the fourth level, Atatar Loria, one will find Azani Blackheart. Kill him and grab the ring. Go directly to Oreyn and confirm his suspicions about the Blackwood Company. Give him the ring to complete the quest and advance to the next rank in the Fighters Guild.

Oreyn doesn't give an official reward, since this mission is off-the-record, however both ruins have plenty of loot in them, especially Atatar. Blackheart wears a full suit of Elven Armor minus the helm, and wields an enchanted claymore called Sinweaver.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest through to talking about Blackheart in Oreyn's house:

Oreyn would like to speak more about duties, once I am promoted to the next rank.

  • Update: After promotion:

I went to Modryn Oreyn to ask about duties, but he told me he had no "official" duties. However, he asked me to meet him at his house later tonight.

  • Update: After meeting Modryn Oreyn in his house at night:

I met Modryn Oreyn at his house, as he requested. He told me a story about Azani Blackheart, Vitellus Donton's death, and the Blackwood Company's current involvement. He would like me to go with him now to find out what really happened.

  • Update: If the Hero refuses to help Oreyn:

I've told Oreyn that I will not accompany him in investigating how the Blackwood Company fulfilled the Azani Blackheart contract.

  • Update: After accepting Oreyn's contract:

I am to meet Oreyn at the Fighters Guild in Leyawiin. From there, we will travel to Arpenia to look for Azani Blackheart.

  • Update: After searching the ruins of Arpenia:

We've searched the ruins of Arpenia, and the place is deserted. There are no corpses, no signs of battle. Oreyn believes that the entire story was made up by the Blackwood Company, that perhaps they paid off Azani Blackheart to move his base of operations. Oreyn suggests we search nearby Ayeleid ruins, and knows of one to the northeast.

  • Update: After defeating Blackheart:

Oreyn and I have found and defeated Azani Blackheart.

  • Update: After picking the ring up:

Oreyn wishes to make sure people know who truly defeated the great warrior, and recognize the lies of the Blackwood Company. Oreyn would like me to give him Azani Blackheart's Ring as proof of our accomplishments here today.

  • Update: After giving Oreyn the ring that Blackheart had on him to complete the quest:

I have given the ring to Oreyn. This will allow him to prove that it was the Fighters Guild who finally defeated Azani Blackheart.

  • Quest complete


  • Oreyn is an essential character, so do not worry about him dying.
  • If Oreyn doesn't talk about Azani one can also try knocking him out and when he stands back up he will talk and one should be able to ask him about it, otherwise just reload the last save.
  • Near Azani, there is an Average lock chest, which has 100–500 GoldIcon inside. Several other semi-high value items are scattered on the shelves near this chest.
  • If Oreyn gets stuck on the floor trap in Arpenia, do not leave without him travelling to Atatar. If one completes the Atatar Quest with Oreyn still stuck in Arpenia, the Fighters Guild quest line will not continue. Make sure Oreyn is on his way and proceeds with the Hero into Atatar otherwise, if the quest is completed without him, it glitches and will not be able to be completed.
  •  360   Forgetting to get Blackheart's ring, Oreyn will eventually wander off and one will never be able to proceed further in the Fighters Guild (the ring disappears with Blackheart's body).

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