"Got a loving wife, a healthy son, and a patch of land to call my own. What more could a man ask for?"
―Azzada Lylvieve[src]


Azzada Lylvieve is a Redguard farmer who can be found in Dragon Bridge chopping wood.


He grew up on the streets of Markarth, but a man named Logrolf the Bent rescued him. He is married to Michel, and is father of Julienne and Clinton.


As a farmer, he will pay the Dragonborn for the following:


  • "Welcome, traveler. Mind yourself in our town."
  • "We aren't a big city like Solitude or Markarth, but we like it this way."
  • "If it weren't for Michel, I'd probably be dead in a Markarth gutter by now."
  • "Seen some mean-spirited folk pass through lately. Thought I was rid of those sorts when I left Markarth."


  • If the Dragonborn becomes one of Azzada's friends by selling produce to him, and Azzada dies, a Letter of Inheritance may be delivered by a courier.
  • If the Dragonborn kills him, they will receive the miscellaneous quest to "Collect the reward from Omluag for killing Azzada Lylvieve."


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