Not to be confused with Ahzidal.
For other uses, see Azzadal.

Azzadal is a deceased Redguard bard whose ghost appears after the Dragonborn jumps into the pool from the spawn location in Bard's Leap Summit.


Azzadal died after trying to jump to the pool after performing "the entirety of the Poetic Edda."



  • After the Dragonborn jumps from Bard's Leap Summit, Azzadal will speak to the Dragonborn, and will increase the Speech skill.
  • The Dragonborn does not need jump from the summit to get the increase in speech skill. Simply jumping off of the diving area and into the pool at any time will spawn Azzadal. After listening to him talk, the level increase will be received.
  • Despite the fact that he leapt from the summit, his corpse is nowhere to be found around the area. However, there are parts of a human skeleton strewn about in the pool.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   If Bard's Leap Summit is approached from above instead of below (from the direction of Cradle Stone Tower), when the Dragonborn jumps down and has to battle the Forsworn below, Azzadal may disappear before they have a chance to speak to him. Recurring jumps will not make him reappear.


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