"Greetings! Looking for some more work, are you?"

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Azzan is the Redguard leader of the Anvil Fighters Guild, and is also a trainer of Blunt at the level of Journeyman for members of the guild. He is known in Anvil for his skills and personality, many in town saying that they would join the guild to work under Azzan.

He can be found on the top floor of the Anvil Fighters Guild, either in his office, or in the entrance hall. He wears Steel Armor.


Azzan is one of three members of the guild to handle jobs for members of the guild, and is one of the people to talk to about joining. If he has no jobs, he will point out Burz gro-Khash, or Modryn Oreyn if Modryn has requested it. He will also point out Irene Metrick to those seeking out more advanced training in blunt weaponry.

Azzan will wake up every day at 6am, and will immediately head down stairs to the ground level. After 5pm he will start training at the practices dummy until 8pm. At eight he will go eat dinner then return to the main hall until he goes to bed.

After joining the guild, he changes his routine. He will still wake up and head down to the main hall at 6am, but will only stay there until 8am before heading to his office on the top floor. At 5pm, he will head downstairs and resume his scheduled routine.

Quests given by AzzanEdit


"What can I do for you? Looking for some work? If so, the Fighters Guild can always use able-bodied new members."

Anvil "Our Fighters Guild chapter here is big, primarily because we're a training center, which earns us each a good living."
Fighters Guild "I love being in the guild. There's money to be made. If you'd like to join up, let me know."

Joining the Fighters GuildEdit

"What can I do for you? Looking for some work? If so, the Fighters Guild can always use able-bodied new members."

Joining the Fighters Guild "The Fighters Guild is always looking for new members. If you've got a clean record, and don't have a bounty on your head, we may be able to use you. Are you interested in joining?"
I'm not interested. "Sorry to hear that. If you change your mind, let me know."
Yes. Sign me up. "Fine. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. For contracts, speak either with me or with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. Good luck to you."
Advancement "You will advance through the ranks of the Fighters Guild when you have proven your merit. As you complete contracts and fulfill your duties, you'll be promoted to the next station, accepting the associated duties and responsibilities. Be aware, though, that your rank can be stripped for failure to uphold the tenets of the guild, or at the sole discretion of the guildmaster."
Advancement "I'm sorry. You are not yet ready for a promotion. Keep completing contracts, and take care of any assigned duties."
Show: A Rat Problem
In the Anvil Fighters Guild:

Contract "A contract for you? I think I've got something that suits your experience. Arvena Thelas has some problems with rats in her house."

Rats "Yes, rats. I'm sure she can explain it to you better than I. She lives here in Anvil. Go and talk to her. Good luck!"

"Go take care of the rats. Then talk to me."

"You need to help Arvena Thelas with her rat problem. What's on your mind?"

Show: The Unfortunate Shopkeeper
In the Anvil Fighters Guild:

Contract "Looking for more work, eh? Good. I've got a contract for you. I'd like you to go talk to Norbert Lelles, here in Anvil."

Norbert Lelles "He runs Lelles' Quality Merchandise here in Anvil. He's been having problems with break-ins, though, and he's hired us to put a stop to it."

"Take care of Lelles. He needs the help"

If approached again:

"You should be helping out Norbert Lelles. What's on your mind?"

Show: Den of Thieves
In the Anvil Fighters Guild:

"Greetings! Looking for some more work, are you?"

Contract "Good to see you're working hard. I've got some more thieves for you to deal with in Anvil."
Thieves "There have been a number of thefts in the area, and witnesses believe the thieves are holed up nearby. Check around, and see what you can learn. I'm not sure the numbers you'll be dealing with, so I'm sending you with another new recruit. Maglir. I believe you two have already met."

"Get moving. You need to get rid of those thieves."

If approached again:

"You two are supposed to be taking care of those thieves in Anvil. What is it you need?"

After clearing the bandits:

"You and Maglir need to catch those thieves."
"So, have you taken care of those thieves yet?"

Thieves "Cleared them out, did you? Good work, you two. I see big things for you with the Guild. Here's your payment."
Contract "I don't have anything for anyone of your rank. Check with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. He might have something."
Show: The Wandering Scholar
In the Anvil Fighters Guild:

Contract "Good to see you're looking for more work. There's certainly more to be done. I need you to help Elante of Alinor."

Elante of Alinor "Elante is a scholar, interested in researching Daedra worship. Meet her in Brittlerock Cave, help her find the shrine, and keep her safe."
Daedric shrine "That's what Elante is studying. Make sure she's safe while she does it."

"Go protect Elante. She doing important research."

If approached again:

"Yes? Do you have questions about your contract?"

After aiding Elante:

Contract "You've finished? Excellent! Good work, guildmate. Here's your payment for the contract."

Show: The Stone of St. Alessia
In the Anvil Fighters Guild:

"Here for more work, are you? I've got one last contract for you. First, though, a bit of bad news. Oreyn spoke with Vilena about your last mission. She didn't take the news well. Oreyn has been expelled. And, I'm sorry to do this, but you've been demoted to Defender. You'll be fine, though."

Advancement "Look, I can't promote you. Not now. You'll need to get some contracts completed, and then I can do it."
Contract "I've only got one more thing on my plate for you, but it's an important one. The Stone of St. Alessia has been stolen from the Bruma Chapel."
Stone of St. Alessia "I don't know if you're religious, but a lot of folks are, and the Stone is important. Talk to Cirroc in Bruma. He'll fill you in on the details."

"Talk to Cirroc about that contract. Make me proud."

If approached again:

"You've got a contract. Shouldn't you be in Bruma?"
"Have you finished out your contract? You need to find that Stone."

Upon completion of the quest:

"What's the status of the Stone of St. Alessia? Have you returned it to Cirroc yet?"

Contract "Well done! You've put in good work for me. I only wish I had more. Things are a little lean right now, as I'm sure you know. Here's your payment."
Contract "I've got nothing more for you, my friend. I believe Burz has one further assignment, but that is all. I wish you luck."
Fighters Guild "See Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for contracts."


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